Homework discussion for Management of construction project class

I’m working on a Management question and need guidance to help me study.


I need help in my hw discussion assignment for Management of construction project class it’s about answering these questions some of them were related from the book which is i’m going to provide you!

You should have already read Chapters 6, 7, and 8. Please copy and paste ALL the questions below into your post and then answer in concise, grammatically correct, complete, and spell checked sentences.

1. What are the main aspects of a Jobsite Layout plan and why?

2. Describe the factors you would consider in determining the optimum equipment for a jobsite and to prepare an Equipment Schedule.

3. Why would an Owner wish to have a Partnering Meeting and workshop for their project? Which party of the project teams should attend?

4. Name the various Pre-Construction Meetings, who should attend and why?

5. Are there any trends in contract language in the area of Dispute Resolution, and, if so, then what are they?

6. What are the various labor unions in the South Florida construction industry and what is a Labor Agreement?

7. Why should you keep track of labor costs and why would you segregate costs?

8. How do you estimate Labor Productivity and what factors do you consider?

9. What Dispute Resolution Methods have you used and how?

10. What is the purpose of Meeting Minutes?


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