How Music Works – Bass

In this BBC video, English composer Howard Goodall demonstrates how the information you are learning regarding musical harmony works in the production of music — particularly with regard to bass. It will help you put your study of these seemingly abstract subjects into an easily-understood, real-world context. Watch the video (just under an hour) and click on the link below that says REPLY to give us your comments on particular things that interested you or that you found useful.The amount of credit given for each discussion assignment will be based upon the quality of your combined replies, with a maximum potential score of 100 points. In order to get full credit for these discussions, you should include the following content:Each original reply to the assignment must have a minimum of 350 words.You must reply to the posts of at least 2 other students, and the reply must have at least 100 words.Replies must reflect your personal engagement with the subject matter of the assignment.Replies must demonstrate the use of clear and correct english.Replies must be substantial in their content.Video link:

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