HRM MAJOR PREFERREDHR Values and HR Issue Description (3-5 p

HRM MAJOR PREFERREDHR Values and HR Issue Description (3-5 page report)WIth all the policy areas within human resources, many HR directors are opting for the roles of borker, in which the policy areas are outsourced to specialists to ensure compliance. For many organizations, this is not economical. They expect the HR department to be generalists, to write policies, manage them along with line managers and resolve any disputes.Instructions for two-part paper:PART ONE: Address personal values and their role related to diversity in the workplace. How can HR managers and line managers balance personal values with the responsibility to company policies and the law? How can an employer ensure that all members of their management team understand the laws and are acting within legal guidelines? What are some of the most effective ways for an organization to manage diversity?Goal: Discuss the potential conflicts that might arise in integrating personal, corporate, and national values in 21st centry management. Reflect on balancing personal values with professional and legal responsibility. Summarize a personal position on diversity and personal values within a company.PART TWO: Develop, write, and present an innovative human resources policy that limits a company’s liability and promotes its coremission and values.Describe a compliance issue that is imminently critical to the success of the company’s reovery and needs a clearly defined and communicated policy and self-monitoring procedures. The issue should be central to a change effort that strives to merge company and persona values within the construct of current legal requirements.Goal:Select an HR isue that will require a unique company-specific policy denfinition and a detailed, clearly communicated implementation procedure. Identify an HR issue that has legal implications. State why the company must comply with the legal requirements in order to succeed in business. Describe the issues relationship to the company’s core values and corporate mission.

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