I actually already did the assignment, just looking for some

I actually already did the assignment, just looking for some fixesfor a higher credit. I will attach my work. These are the assignmentinstructions: Step One: Your search for articles and advertisements will revolve around atheme of your choosing. Select one of the following topics to be thefocus your research: technologysports equipmentclothingfoodStep Two:You will search for articles online to help you answer these questions. Are advertisements aimed at teenagers effective? Are advertisements aimed at teenagers ethical?Step Three:As you locate information:record your researched articles using the Research Graphic Organizer, Part 1record your researched advertisements using the Research Graphic Organizer, Part 2And these are my teachers notes for my work: You are actually missing parts of this assignment.  Make sure toalways check the Rubric for the specifics of what is being graded inaddition to the assignment.  Did you know that you can copy and pastethis entire assignment worksheet to a blank Word Doc and then fill itin?  That way you will not be missing any parts.Part 2- Windows has pictures and things that allude to these areasPart 1- is about articles not products- see exampleTitle, URL, and Date of AccessCentral Idea“Teens will listen to other teens in ads,” http://www.utalkmarketing.com/Pages/Article.aspx?ArticleID=14465, 2/2/2013Astudy was published by Fuse Marketing shows that the most effective wayof reaching teens in advertising is to show other teens using theproduct and enjoying it.My work: file:///Users/shiragoldberger/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail/Data/Library/Mail%20Downloads/Research%20Graphic%20Organizer_%20Part%201%20-1.pdffile:///Users/shiragoldberger/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail/Data/Library/Mail%20Downloads/Research%20Graphic%20Organizer_%20Part%202%20.pdf

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