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I already paid all questions and made me pay another 10 not sure why could you check that I paid in tips also I cant seem to get screenr to work on my end hoping she takes it written out Sherri has always found writingvery difficult, and she has struggled with this skill since kindergarten bothat home and at school. She was recently diagnosed with a learning disability inexpressive writing. Now that Sherri is in fourth grade, whenever it is “writingtime” she avoids getting started, and once started, takes much longer than theother students because she says she just can’t decide what to write. Inaddition, Sherri’s handwriting is almost illegible, and her spelling often doesnot make sense; many times she has trouble spelling her name.  Sherri’sacademic struggles are now also negatively impacting her behavior. She sitswith her head down or acts out in order to be asked to leave the class, whichis also impeding her writing progress. After meeting with the other teachersand Sherri’s mother, it was decided to talk with the school’s special educationdirector to see what can be done to help improve Sherri’s writing, which willalso assist in modifying her avoidance behaviors. Develop a five-minute video recording using Screenr, and paste the links to the video within yourdiscussion post in response to the case study.  As the special educationteacher, what would you suggest the next steps be for Sherri’s teachers to helpstrengthen her writing skills in terms of assistive technology?  Make sureto include in the video examples of the technology device, cost, how it can beimplemented in the classroom, the pros and cons of the device, and if it istransportable (can she take it home?).  What would you suggest to Sherri’smother to make completing homework assignments that require writing moremanageable?  For assistance with Screenr, please view the Screenr.com Quick-Start Guide.

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