I gave my paper to a studypool tutor on Friday and I just go

I gave my paper to a studypool tutor on Friday and I just got my paper back now with many mistakes and I want someone that has great skills and experience on writing papers. I am highly worried cause this is my last chance to get a passing grade in my class and paper is do, soon Like i need this paper tomorrow since the time got reduce cause i gave my paper to a tutor that made mistakes. This is paper the tutor gave me back but with many mistakes Final Research tu…..docx This is my original english paper I wrote with mistakes FINAL RESEARCH FOR ENGLISH CORRECT.docx  —>THIS IS MY FINAL RESEARCH PAPER I get a final opportunity to make the paper good.my paper is on ‘Ethics of Jim crow by Richard Wrights’ is a essay story you can read summary search on google if you want. My paper compares the ‘Ethics of jim crow by Richard Wrights’ to similarities of Jim crow laws, Discrimination against blacks, stop and frisk law and police brutality.Correct this final research paper try to switch the conclusion ending part with thesis intro just look at pictures on bottom for corrections that have to be made! Make changes to (MLA) syntax citations because they are written wrong! To much repetition in paper! Switch things around by coping and pasting! There are many mistakes that are just a manner of switching things around and coping and pasting it and repositioning the paper! Read the teachers comments for making the corrections. The final grade was bad please try to make it an ‘A’ paper. Please make the best to correct it and make it a good paper.THESE PIC ARE THE MISTAKES TEACHER MENTIONED ON MY PAPER–> correct them1.JPG 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg The paper has to follow this rubric—-> 1.) rubric 1.JPG  2.) rubric 2.JPG

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