I have questions and expect answers to be original and cited

I have questions and expect answers to be original and cited from where information was pulled from.  This is APA.  If you do not complete this you will not be paid.  DO NOT GIVE ME YOUR STANDARD I CAN DO THIS.  Respond to me why you are the best for the job and why I should select you.  NO RESPONSE OR CONSIDERATION WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU DO NOT ANSWER ME PERSONALLY ON HOW YOU WILL OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION AND COMPLETE THE TASK.Needed an excellently written 1/2 to on page on Amazon’s competitor’s.  Pull this information from other sources but also use the 2013 SEC filing (10-K) that amazon filed.  Follow a SWOT analysis and respond only to OPPORTUNITIES AND TREATS.  Make a chart for both and cite the sources in APA format with explanations on what these are opportunities and threats.  10 of each!  Finally, Finance and Accounting – I need you to analyze their current balance sheet, income statement to include a copy of these and in your own words that this means.  Also, do an indepth ratio analysis for every ratio analysis possible – not just quick, cash or debit to equity ratio, offer more than just that and explain how you came to this.  Meaning cite where you got the information and what information you used for each ratio.Last, answer these questions in your own words and cite where you pulled your opinions from:What is the current financial situation of the firm, are they liquid, why or why not id the debt and activity of the company favorable or not favorable, What does Amazon plan on the capital investments and their policy on capital investments.  The more informative you are the higher the tip process will be.  Crappy work will not be tolerated.  I am starting the budget low because I have been mislead and given bad information more times than good information.  This is for a strategic management plan I am putting together for Amazon.  Remember, if you answer me with you nonsense from your profile I will automatically eliminate you on this assignment but only after I contact you and you can convince me why go with you.If you have done anything of this nature in the past and want to submit some of your previous to prove you can handle this assignment that will be a bonus.I am a scorned student from studypool and would rather take a zero on this project than pay you and be disappointed!

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