i need a good tutor who is expert in&nbspqualitative data analy

i need a good tutor who is expert in qualitative data analysis using Nvivo and the grounded theoryThe focus is to find out about the perceptions of graduate students about their teachers’ writing assessment practices. The data sources are interviews, writing samples with few teachers’ feedback on them, and few courses syllabi. the research questions revolve around what are teachers’ writing assessment practices and how students perceive them, and how do these assessment practices function in the activity theory?The activity theory and the dialogic approach should go hand in hand in the data analysis. However, we always have to refer to the grounded theory to base our analysis on iti need around 80 pages to be written in data presentation, data discussionI need to know first if you really understood my request because it’s a critical projectas a beginning I attached short ppt file about my project, and I need you to tell me what u think brotherthis file  is just to introduce u to the project

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