I need a summary for each chapter I will list below and also

I need a summary for each chapter I will list below and also the case questions written and answered for each chapter I will list below (case questions are found at the end of each chapter). The book required to write the summaries and answer the questions is called ‘ Supervision Today!’ seventh edition by Stephen P. Robbins Chapter 2     half a page summary, case 2-B questionsChapter 4     half a page summary, case 4-A questionsChapter 5     half a page summary. case 5-B questionsChapter 6    half a page summary, case 6-A questionsChapter 7    half a page summary, case 7-A questionsChapter 8   half a page summary, case 8-A questionChapter 9  half a page summary, Case 9-B questionsChapter 11  half a page summary, Case 11-B questionsChapter 12  half  a page summary, Case 12-B questionsChapter 14  half a page summary, Case 14-A questionsChapter 16  half a page summary, Case 15-B questionsRemember, Type the questions and follow with a thoughful response.

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