I need assistance on an Intellectual Autobiography. (6-7 pag

I need assistance on an Intellectual Autobiography. (6-7 pages)Your narrative should depict continuity within discontinuity and demonstrate shifting or evolving identities.Your essay should reveal the development of your value system, convey an interdisciplinary blend of your concentration areas, and demonstrate how all the areas or disciplines you are studying fit into your life. KThis essay should be metaphorical rather than geographical. Avoid the urge to narrate the geographical movements in your life (e.g., In Idaho…then moving to Arkansas…and upon coming to Arizona…). Instead, create your own metaphorical place. Then use metaphors to depict the significance of that place. For instance, someone with a musical background may say, “My life is an orchestra.” That person’s essay may show an orchestra pit, complete with different sections (brass, woodwind, percussion) to represent developments in her life.Here are some suggestions to get you started.Symbolism—What elements do you use to symbolize your life; why did you choose these elements; and what do they mean?Life’s path—What direction(s) does your path take, over what terrain, through what settlements/towns/cities/star systems?Terrain—Why do you choose certain terrain for specific points during your life? Explain both the terrain along your path and the terrain not on your path. Why did you choose a life’s path that followed such territory?Defining moments—Identify four or five defining moments (sites of interest) and explain both the context surrounding each moment and how the defining moment shaped you.Evolving Identity(ies)—When did your identity shift? What influenced that shift, and with what effect(s)?Undiscovered terrain—What lies in your projected future? Identify meaningful elements in this “undiscovered terrain” and explain their symbolic significance.Value system—How and where does your essay illustrate your value system? What particular values does it illustrate?Study areas—How does the essay integrate your areas of study? Where do we see the development of your interest in each area? How do they impact your life?

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