I need help with a short 2 page paper on the organizational

I need help with a short 2 page paper on the organizational vision and culture n Campbell Soup Company’s Denise Morrison.Describing her organizationalvision, how she developed the organization’s strategic plan, and recommend leadership methods for the strategic plan that she may have not used. I need to have evidence of the leader’s personal, political, and positional power, assessing how the leader used that power to structurethe organization, thus creating its culture. Use the research on your chosen leader and the text to analyze best practices of how leaders structure theorganization and build, plan, and staff effective executive teams for organizational success. Identify at least two examples of strategic planning methods used bythe chosen leader to align teams with organizational vision and the appropriate tools and methods to develop the organization’s strategic plan. Analyze evidenceof the leader’s use of personal, political, and positional power as tools to structure the organization for effecting change in organizational culture. Apply theleader’s use of business strategies as personal, political, and power tools to effect change in organizational culture.

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