I need perfect work,the chosen foundation must be related to the funding of health issues or reforms.

In your nonprofit organization or your school, identify a particular need or project that requires outside funding. Search the Web to locate an appropriate funding program. Start by using words such as proposal, grant, or funding along with keywords that describe your project, such as remedial programs, adolescent drug treatment, and so on.

For a general listing of foundations that provide grants:

Foundation Center www.foundationcenter.org

Education funding www.2.ed.gov/fund/grant/find/edlite-forecast.html

National Science Foundation www.nsf.gov

National Institutes of Health www.nih.gov

NonProfitExpert.com www.nonprofitexpert.com/federal_grants.htm

Prepare a fifteen minute PowerPoint presentation for your agency that describes the types of projects funded by your chosen source, the average amount of a grant, the number of proposals submitted in a given year, the number of grants awarded, and the specific criteria this funding program uses in evaluating different proposals. Persuade your fellow members that your organization could qualify for a grant from this source. Cite you source Web pages in your document.

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