I need three changes in my research paper. I mention them be

I need three changes in my research paper. I mention them below1. In page 6,  3.4 Introduction 5th line I need to write about explain what authors meant by “topology of an operating environment”?2. In page 9,  3.9 state space reduction heuristics 5th line I need to write about                                                                Explain how the analysis is reactive and not proactive?3. In page 20, 7.0 Discussion after the table I need to write about Talk about what prevention techniques (paper 3), and early detection techniques (paper 1 and 2 and main); discuss detection techniques have 3 similar models Here’s an outline for the Discussion section:Prevention-Use requirements patterns and a feature diagram to show relationships between patterns and their tradeoffsEarly detection-Model what is being protected – asset model (UML), topology model (ambient calculus)-Model the system behavior – fuzzy causal network, labeled transition system-Model the security objectives – goal model, computational tree logic-If the set of assets/things being protected changes, the system behavior is affected and the security objectives are re-checked to see if security will be violatedMain paper summary: Define topology, why reactive and not proactive?I attach my research paper and the  4 papers related to the research below.

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