I need two essays&nbspeven short to cover&nbspso I need two essays

I need two essays even short to cover so I need two essays for  two themes covering the two books. So in every essay you need to talk about a topic and relate it to the two stories or booksYou need reading two short stories, The_cask_of_amontillado and The tell-tale heart first. And then writing two essays based on these two short stories. The two essays should be both more than 500 words and 5 paragraphs. I don’t know the topics, cause these two essays are prepared for a on-class exam. So you decide two topic which you think most possible and finish these two essayin short you are to write 2 essays covering two themes the first can be comparison between these two books and I cant think of the second.. Do the second as you like need it ASAPSo bid with the shortest time possible

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