Identify a favorite theory, issue, theme, or crime type and link it through each areal so that the ultimate product is one significant, comprehensive essay.

Identify a favorite theory, issue, theme, or crime type and link it through each areal so that the ultimate product is one significant, comprehensive essay.


write 4 pages essay paper under one of above topic, APA format, double space, times roman, and look at instructions very well b/4 you write as I will upload instructions. This is a University level essay & Professor is very tough in grading. I have already got a C and a D grade on last 2 papers that your company had written for me. He looks at each & every word including references and the way references are written and make sure whichever topic you pick to please advocate on it as to what needs to be done so our system works successfully.

“Areal” writing assignments can be thought of as referenced, academic, opinion
essays/reaction papers. One in/co-dependent assignment is required. Must
contain no fewer than 4 academic references, be no fewer than 4 pages (approximately 1000 words), or not much more than 8 pages (2000 words) in length. These will Topically/sequentially address the “areas” outlined throughout the Criminal Justice curriculum. No more than two references can come from the assigned class readings. Internet references are discouraged but if used must first be approved by your Professor (i.e., plan ahead). While your opinion/position is critical to the development of these assignments, they must also be supported or contradicted by the academic literature. The ultimate question that should focus your essay is, “what’s your point?”

Individual areal assignments should address a particular area of the Criminal Justice
curriculum and provide an indication of depth of knowledge, perspective, insight, or
position on a particular area of the CRJ curriculum and criminal justice generally. As an
“academic reaction paper”, scholarly-supported attitude/perspective about a
particular issue must be included. Relevant information, data, rhetoric provided in the
literature should be included to support or contest your position. What do you think/
feel about the topic you are presenting? It is critical/essential that a stand be taken;
offer a position, agree or disagree with the prevailing research or policy/political
directions. As with the in-class topic presentation, an opinion is a reasonable starting
point, but these assignments must also include references found in the relevant
academic literature. Review it, consider it, use it in conjunction with the position you
are taking and offer commentary on it. Your attitude/opinion should be obvious in
your essay, the academic literature provides support, insight, and illumination on the
position from which you are making your argument (hint: this is what is expected).

Each areal assignment can be mutually exclusive and independent from any other and
therefore deliver a clear argument about that area of concern. That is, the theory paper
is a discussion about theory, the police/law enforcement paper is a discussion about
police/law enforcement, etc. However, a strategy to consider in constructing these
assignments would be to link them all, forming a final all-encompassing statement that
integrates the various diverse topics you have studied into one final observation about
criminal justice. Identify a favorite theory, issue, theme, or crime type and link it
through each areal so that the ultimate product is one significant, comprehensive essay.
For example, think about examining drug use/police corruption/discretion, etc.,
theoretically, then discuss it from a law enforcement perspective; next, propose what
the courts might do with this type of offender; and then show the problems that arise or
might be beneficial in a correctional setting, making sure to identify what your
suggestions/conclusions/solutions might be to the problems that arise from this
examination. Your intellectual curiosity is the tool you should use to determine “good”
area topics.

The following illustrate the questions/issues/type of discussion that *may* be
considered as a prompt for any one essay. These are simply a random collection of
thoughts, they are not intended to direct you in any particular direction nor are you
expected to answer each point/question. In fact, any one question might be the entire
focus of your areal essay.

c. Courts/Law/Jurisprudence: What is the role/function of criminal defense,
prosecution, judges? What is the fundamental expectation of our system of
jurisprudence? What is the purpose/mission of our court system? How did we come
to have the jurisprudential/legal system we do? What do justice, ethics, discretion,
morality have to do with our legal system? What do the fields of philosophy,
psychology, sociology, economics, history, etc. have to do with American
jurisprudence? Does fairness and justice have anything to do with our legal system?
In our system of laws, capital punishment is a legal matter, not a corrections matter,
here you can offer your personal, couched in academic jargon and support, opinion.
However, remember that this is an academic exercise, not a rant.

(While it is not anticipated that this final area will make up much of any in-class
conversation, a fifth areal is relevant for incorporating into any of the other areals.
You may decide to use your knowledge-base to develop an areal assignment using
this as your focal concern.)


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