Identify physiological, psychological or social situations that are complex/challenging.

Identify physiological, psychological or social situations that are complex/challenging.

Identify physiological, psychological or social situations that are complex/challenging. Detect signs of anxiety in self and others
Identify appropriate strategies that can be used to deal with complex/challenging situations
Use reflection to understand and learn from experiences about managing complex situation.
2500 words
1.5 line spacing
Arial Font
18 References using Harvard style
Please include references to back up critical thinking
Please use Gibbs’ (1988) Model of reflection – set the essay out using the
The reflective cycle – Gibbs Headings
Describe what happened without making any judgments or drawing any conclusions yet. Your description should be logical, concise and factual with relevant details that can be further explored.
Thoughts and feelings:
What were your reactions and feelings? What might others involved have been feeling? This must be relevant and significant to the event.
What was good or bad about the experience? Again, make judgments about the event described. Concentrate on evaluating the way the experience made you feel and how you responded to it.
What sense can you make of the situation? Include ideas from outside the experience and existing knowledge to help you with this. Break down the event into component parts and explore these. What was really going on? Were the experiences of others involved similar to yours? In what way? Are there any themes that are emerging as a result of this analysis?
What general conclusions can be drawn from this event? What specific conclusions can you make about your personal role and ways of working? Integrate new knowledge with existing knowledge to problem solve.
Action plan:
If this situation arose again, what would you do differently? What steps can you take to on the basis of what you have learnt from the experience?
Description should be no less than half a page
Analysis should be a whole page and this is where most of the references should be used.
Please do not waste word count or use any more than a couple of sentence’s on describing how the Gibbs model of reflection works.
I am a healthcare assistant and work with the District Nurses in the community visiting patients at home and in care/residential homes. We visit patients who are housbound/transport bound and who have a nursing need which includes, leg ulcer dressings, pressure ulcer dressings, wound dressings, catheter insertion and removal.
I sometimes work for the community phlebotomy team and had a difficult experience trying to take blood from an elderly patient with dementia. This lady lives in a residential home, I hadn’t met her before, she wasnt aware of who I was and couldn’t understood the reason for me being there. I wasn’t aware that she had dementia before I carried out the visit. She was sat in her chair, cradling a dolly which she referred to as her baby. She likes to stroke the dollys hair and sing songs to her. One of the care staff assisted me and tried to distract the patient by reading books to her and singing songs. I also talked to the patient at the same time about her baby as a way of distraction. This seemed to work for a while but the patient began to get anxious, and lashed out at me. I didn’t continue with any attempts to take blood from the patient.


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