Identify the definition of cancer and breast cancer.

Identify the definition of cancer and breast cancer.

 Recognize the structure, function of the normal, and cancer cell
 Distinguish between the terms of benign and malignant terms.
 Demonstrate the stages of breast cancer.
 Identify the risk factors and symptoms for breast cancer.
 Explain the breast cancer diagnosis and treatment methods.
 Demonstrate the nursing interventions of breast cancer.
Please make paraphrasing for objectives.

Please the structure of my assignment is
Session1- Content and plan
session 2- Assessment of Learning and Teaching
session 3 -Field report (Reflection)
The writer did not write any things about my topics. the topic is nursing education for breast cancer. The should be writing about breast cancer, not theories.
Writer Did not write an introduction for breast cancer and nursing education for breast cancer. With reference please.
The portfolio will include the following three components:
1. Session Content & Plan (justification)
This academic writing component requires you to discuss the relationship between the stated learning objectives, content covered in the session and teaching / learning strategies used with reference to active learning theories.

2. Assessment of Learning and Teaching (justification
This academic writing component requires you to provide a description and rationale for the approach taken to measure learning outcomes and teaching performance with reference to active learning theories.

Session 3 Field Report (Reflection)
please follow Gibbs Framework for Reflection
Gibbs Framework for Reflection (Linked with the core skills of reflection)

Stage 1: Description of the event

Describe in detail the event you are reflecting on.
Include e.g. where were you; who else was there; why were you there; what were you doing; what were other people doing; what was the context of the event; what happened; what was yourpart in this; what parts did the otherpeopleplay; what was the result.

Stage 2: Feelings and Thoughts (Self awareness)

At this stage, try to recall and explore those things that were going on inside your head. Include:

• How you were feeling when the eventstarted?
• What you were thinking about at the time?
• How did it make youfeel?
• How did otherpeoplemakeyoufeel?
• How did you feel about the outcome of the event?
• What do youthinkabout it now?

Stage 3: Evaluation (evaluate what’s happened)

Try to evaluate or make a judgement about what has happened. Consider what was good about the experience and what was bad about the experience or what didordidn’tgo sowell

Stage 4: Analysis (analysis what’s you did well & wrong and how you will fix it)
Break the event down into its component parts so they can be explored separately. You may need to ask more detailed questions about the answers to the last stage. Include:

• What went well?
• What did you do well?
• What did others do well?
• What went wrong or did not turn out how it should have done?
• In what way did you or others contribute to this?

Stage 5: Conclusion (Synthesis)

This differs from the evaluation stage in that now you have explored the issue from different angles and have a lot of information to base your judgement. It is here that you are likely to develop insight into you own and other people’s behaviour in terms of how they contributed to the outcome of the event. Remember the purpose of reflection is to learn from an experience.Without detailed analysis and honest exploration that occurs during all the previous stages, it is unlikely that all aspects of the event will be taken into account and therefore valuable opportunities for learning can be missed. During this stage you should ask yourself what you could have done differently.


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