If you are addressing a health problem, is the exposure chronic, acute or both? Are there exposure limits?

If you are addressing a health problem, is the exposure chronic, acute or both? Are there exposure limits?


Identify the Loss Problem
For the purposes of this research paper, you will need to identify an existing or potential injury or illness problem within a particular population or work environment. Some examples may include the following: falls – aircraft maintenance, construction; workplace violence – flight attendants; radiation exposure – pilots; back strains – nursing, aircraft maintenance, flight attendants; amputations – machinists; or the like. The population you choose should be in the aerospace/aviation industry, associated with your current position, or you may choose a population within an aerospace/aviation industry in which you are familiar.
Be sure to specify the injury or illness problem or potential problem, and be sure to describe the injury/illness problem within your selected population.
Scope & Magnitude
Be sure to address the scope and magnitude of the problem through researching the scholarly literature. You should provide specifics associated with mortality, morbidity, epidemiology of the problem, social consequences, economic consequences, etc.
Hazard & Exposure
Based upon the scholarly literature and literature from the text, you should thoroughly describe the hazards and exposures that are responsible for the injury/illness problem or the hazards and exposures that create a potential for injury/illness. The significance of the hazard should be illustrated by using hazard analysis methods and tools as discussed in the scholarly literature and within the text. Be sure to detail causal factors and relate them to injury/illness theory as portrayed in the literature or within the text. Many models are presented within the text and in the scholarly literature. Be sure to illustrate critical thinking and application. Once the hazards and exposures are identified, detail how they are harmful or injury producing? If you are addressing a health problem, is the exposure chronic, acute or both? Are there exposure limits?
Status of control, prevention or interventions (Within organizations and within society or the public)
Based on the scholarly literature, what has been done, if anything, to control or prevent the injury/illness. How does this relate to the controls and discussion within the text? How is this associated with the hierarchy of controls? Based on the scholarly literature, how effective are these controls? With regard to controls and injury/illness prevention, are there existing standards or regulations? You should illustrate the significance of proactive vice reactive measures.
What can be done to address the hazard or exposure?
Based upon your research, you need to establish priorities for the prevention of the selected injury/illness problem within your population. You need to detail at least three priorities for prevention. This can be in support of effective control or prevention strategies that are illustrated in the scholarly and scientific literature or are suggested because improvement needs to be made in the field of occupational safety and/or occupational health. You should thoroughly detail your priorities for improvement and should provide thorough evidence and reasoning of your choices. Be sure to illustrate critical thinking and application. Further, you should illustrate support for your choice by utilizing hazard analysis and prevention methods and tools that are highlighted within the scholarly literature or the text. Again, be sure to justify your answers to the extent possible and be sure to detail how these priorities for prevention will impact the injury/illness outcomes within your population.

Required APA Format for Research Paper


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