Implications of Social Media Use in Participatory in Budgeting in Monroe County

Be advised, ALL to be worked on are written on the Prospectus:Be advised , that I need Writer Charl250                                                      Editing/Rewriting
Implications Of Social Media Use In In Budgeting In Monroe County, Indiana State
The Dissertation-Prospectus, is Turnitin enforced.
1)    Must follow the Prospectus Template and Guide attached!
3)    The Prospectus Template and Prospectus Guide attached
4)    Must be in APA Format
5)    Correct the Reference  for with the latest APAVersion, as recommended.
6)    Change the Research Question.
7)    Change he Problem Statement
8)    Check the Background. Section.
9)    Check the Significance section for the limit.
10)    Check the Theoretical Framework to see if will be removed/takenaway, because of the length for the Prospectus.
11)    Check the Methodology

Lois Thank you for the opportunity to review your Prospectus.  Its obvious that youve invested a lot of effort since my last review, and I look forward to seeing how you develop things further.
For all my reviews, Ill be using the Track Changes function.  In case youre not familiar with that, Ive included a graphic below, and a link to a YouTube tutorial: .  Please let me know if there are any problems viewing the comments, or if you have any questions about them. 
You have a robust list of references, and many are peer-reviewed sourcesnice work.  Overall, I have three recommendations.  First, ensure alignment between the various elements of your study, specifically the problem, purpose, theory, and RQs.  Next, distill and refine each section, and end each with a strong summary statementthe Prospectus is not designed to be a long document, so you may find that much of the detailed material will be more appropriate for the Proposal.  Finally, be sure that the RQs are written in a style that corresponds to your methodology.
With Dr. Bs concurrence, please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Im looking forward to working with youkeep up the forward momentum!  ~ Dr. S    ?
NOTE:The Theoretical Part, Must be removed  for the Proposal


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