In the late 1990s, a wide assortment of business experts pre

In the late 1990s, a wide assortment of business experts predicted that ebusinesswas completely changing the nature of business transactions. This wasreflected in the astronomical prices paid for the stocks of dot-com companies thatwere just beginning operations and had not achieved profits.By the end of 2000, it became clear that the fundamental nature of business hadnot really changed. Dot-com companies engaged in electronic commerce sawtheir stock prices plummet to near zero and many went out of business. Afundamental law of business still held: if a business wants to stay in business, itneeds to generate profit.By the 2010s, e-business had become a standard mechanism for buying andselling goods and services. Many of the early kicks had been worked out, butshopping online still offered buyers a different experience than shopping in atraditional store.Written AssignmentCritique e-business operations from each of the following four perspectives:· from the perspective of making on-line payments (e.g., What problems areoften encountered by both customers and vendors when making paymentselectronically for goods and services?)· from the perspective of customer satisfaction in dealing with an e-businesssite (e.g., Purchasing goods through theWeb can be frustrating to customers.Why?)· from the perspective of supply chain management (e.g., Many B2Btransactions are oriented toward ordering supplies. In the process of doingthis, a number of predictable problems can arise. What are they?)· from the perspective of advertising products/and services in the electronicmarketplace (e.g., In the electronic marketplace, it is easy for yourproduct/service to get lost among the millions of products and services beingoffered.)

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