In this case assignment, you will prepare a 3-5 page essay o

In this case assignment, you will prepare a 3-5 page essay on the questions below. Be sure to support your answers with citations and a reference list.Choose a recent scandal involving any political leader that has appeared in the media. Discuss the effects it had on the masses. Do you think it changed the way we now perceive our leaders?Consider how teenagers communicate today via texting and other technology. How do you think the ability to communicate so instantly has impacted the social aspects of being a teenager?Review the Nature vs. Nuture audio debate (page 2) in the “Human Nature and Society” Interactive tutorial. Can you think of other examples of human behavior and development where both nature and nurture play an important role?Did how significant events or interactions during adolescence and young adulthood can affect different stages of a person’s life.Cite your sources inside your work and in a reference section.Required ResourcesSocialization, Interactive Text., Podcast. Nature and Society, Interactive Tutorial. Influencing Socialization, Interactive Tutorial. Media and Gender Affect Socialization, Interactive Tutorial.

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