India/Infosys&nbspThe country of India doesnt look like the

India/Infosys The country of India doesn’t look like the new frontier in the hightech revolution but in the ancient rural villages of southern India,amidst the chaos of crowded streets, is a bold new world. India hasturned into a technology mecca by being able to draw big nameinternational companies and by creating a few of their own. MohandasPai, CEO of InfoSys, provides a tour of its facilities and explains thecompany’s extraordinary growth by growing from 500 to 50,000 employeesin 12 years. He says it’s time to go East young man. InfoSys believesthe key to luring foreign investors and workers is to create companieson par with any in the West. Pai showcases the InfoSys conference roomwhich is noted as similar to the United Nations. With over 40 officebuildings, 2 gyms, basketball courts, a supermarket, a golf course, andits own bank, InfoSys looks more like a resort spa than a companyheadquarters. Along with Indians who have traded jobs overseas to come home,increasing numbers of young Americans from elite U.S. colleges arecoming to work for companies like InfoSys in India which has the secondlargest software industry. Many feel they can get more experience andopportunities they could not get in the U.S. Graduates of U.S. collegesare interviewed for their perspectives on the opportunities tocontribute to organizations and the lures that are available in India.Americans are working hard and living well with lower salaries and lowercost of living with minimum standards of 3 meals a day for a $1.Mohandas Pai says that young Americans should come to India for thefuture is here.Also check out: (Indian Economic Growth) under the link:  andINFOSYS: international strategy incentivesdoes India offer to a foreign investor? What limitations exist in Indiafor companies desiring international expansion? Explain.What benefits does InfoSys receive from its international strategy? Explain.How does India’s national advantage(s) influence its business-level strategy? Explain.What corporate-level strategy is used by InfoSys and why? Explain.

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