QUESTION: To what extent was the British rule affective to the caste system of India?

USE THE SOURCE FOR QUOTES FROM THE BOOK CASTE AND CHRISTIANITY BY DUNCAN B AND a quote Census Commissioner of 1911, Edward Albert Gait, talking about dynamics of the caste system ( SEE THE SOURCE DOC)


Provide a couple of sentences of context that introduce the reader to the content of the investigation.
Itemise the main issues that will be addressed in each of the main body paragraphs to follow. Introduce areas of contestation that the essay will address.
Give a sense of the main argument or the thesis that you will develop throughout the essay.
thesis statement

Approximately 3 to 4 main paragraphs
Each paragraph should have a specific focus, point of view or theme.
Within each paragraph, start with a clear topic sentence which is clearly focused on the question.
Carefully select and properly reference evidence.
Use quotes as necessary, try NOT to use quotes longer than 10 words, or paraphrase, but ensure you footnote or reference all evidence.
Stress the value of the evidence you use, but also acknowledge its limitations, with reference to Origin, Purpose and Content as appropriate.
Try to show more than one perspective.

One paragraph only approximately 150 words.
Provides a direct answer to the question by synthesising (combining) the main points of the essay.
DO NOT argue against your thesis in your introduction.

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