individual change

  1. In your textbook The Social Work Practicum: A Guide and Workbook for Students, review Chapter 12, “Planned Change Process.”
  2. Identify one client you work with at your field placement (alternatively, discuss with your supervisor another social worker’s client or client group who can be observed).
    1. Protect this client’s confidentiality by changing his or her name and any other identifying information for the purposes of this assignment and any subsequent conversations about the case with your instructor or classmates.
  3. Consider the primary issues this particular client encounters and how you can build your competence and ability to intervene on those particular issues through individual interventions.
  4. Locate at least one journal article about the particular issues encountered by this client. Specifically, look for resources that identify key strategies or resources for helping an individual.
  5. In a two- page APA style formatted paper, reflect on best social work practice for using individual interventions related to issues of oppression or injustice. 
    • In your introductory paragraph, provide a brief (three- or four-sentence) summary of the client’s demographic information, treatment needs, strengths, and risks.
    • Summarize information that the client has provided or that you have obtained about his/her experiences of oppression and social injustice, including in the past, current life, and future plans (such as in their family, school, work life, and system involvement).
      1. Depending on the client, you might have specific examples, or you might have to infer information if the client is not aware of or transparent about his/her own experiences. Be specific about the source of information.
    • Discuss specific skills, strategies, and interventions could be used to help this client counter these experiences of oppression and injustice and explain why they are appropriate. Cite at least one theoretical framework that aligns with the interventions provided to support your choices of intervention.
      1. For example, if you are discussing a client who has encountered racism and you are proposing to help him address his distortions about how others perceive him, you might discuss using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model. If your client has encountered a long history of economic disparity, you might discuss the use of a Narrative model to help her create a new, empowering story about survival.
      2. Consider any and all theoretical approaches that have been discussed in previous coursework and be sure to identify the specific theories by name. Please note that you do not have to be implementing the intervention you discuss in this paper at your field agency (you should consider this only with your supervisor’s approval).
    • Your writing should be well developed, providing clear answers with evidence of critical thinking, and incorporate course materials using proper in-text citations and references that support your ideas.

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