IndividualAssignmentImplementationPlanResource University o

IndividualAssignmentImplementationPlanResource: University of PhoenixMaterial –  Implementation PlanTemplate (to be used as a guideline). Ensure your post is an original forthis course as other UOPX courses use a similar template.Create an implementation plan foryour organization or an organizationof your choosing  (do not use ourvirtual organizations). Approach the deliverable as if you were “selling” theidea for implementation. Remember to introduce the organization and thepurpose for your project through a problem statement clearly.Include the following:·  APAformatted cover, headers throughout the paper.·  Removeall references to UOPX.·  Completethe “template” by inserting substantive text into each of the areas.·  Ensurethe use of statistical data in the MOV section.·  Additionalinformation:·  Business strategies forimplementation·  Both technology and humanbased safeguards used for information systems·  Information comparingsecurity requirements of out-sourcing and in-sourcing·  Timelines and the need fortheir accuracy – use MS Projector Excel to illustrate your project implementation plan proposal·  Anyadditional artifacts to substantiate your case.·  Reference page if needed, with information presented in thecorrect APA V6 formatting.

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