Instructors RequirementTo do the level ofresearch appropri

Instructor’s Requirement:To do the level ofresearch appropriate for this proposal project, you will need toconsider a variety of sources in a variety of genres. Online sources,newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals are a good start, butdon’t limit yourself to these sources. No doubt, you will skim through,read, and discover a number of sources that may never make it into thefinal proposal. Nonetheless, these sources may provide context or richdetail that may help to stimulate your thinking and develop the project.To facilitate this process, you will create an annotated bibliography.The annotated bibliography needs to include 6 sources—2 of which must tobe from peer-reviewed academic journals or books. Each source should adhere to the following format:1)Citation of source in either MLA or APA format (of format appropriateto your field and approved by me). The Purdue OWL site can be helpfulfor citation formatting. 2) A 75-word summary of the piece’s main point/argument and conclusion(s)3)100-125 words that discuss how each piece might be useful for thepurposes of this project. In other words, engage with each piece. Howdoes it inform your understanding? How does it fit with the othersources you’ve discovered?In short, you will write between 1050-1200 words total for this project.Inaddition to the above format, please number each source (1-6) and putan asterisk (*) next to the number of each peer-reviewed academicsource.Annotated Bibliography Formatting Example1. Lastname, Firstname. Title. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Medium of Publication.75-word summary100-125 word discussion*2. Lastname, Firstname. ‘Article Title.’ Title of Journal (Year): Pages of Publication. Medium of Publication75-word summary100-125 word discussion

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