Interdisciplinary Collaboration Paper Among health

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Paper Among health

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Paper Among health. Essay Help

I will have to use 3 disciplines for the paper their names are: Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) Shelley Lageco Registered Dietician Katherine Jones Chaplain Melvin Williams ** I will submit a copy of a paper as an example of the way the paper should be written. ** I will submit the interview questions that was done to incorporate some of their responses to the questions in the paper. For my interdisciplinary team interview I interviewed members of the Tulane Hospital Medical-Surgical Unit interdisciplinary team. The team member and their discipline are as follow: Shelley Lageco, Licensed Master Social Worker; Katherine Jones, Registered Dietician; and Melvin Williams, Chaplain.

What disciplines are represented as part of the interdisciplinary team in your facility/unit?LMSW Lageco: The disciplines that are represented as part of the interdisciplinary tem are the medical director, the nurse, physical and occupational therapist, registered dietician, pharmacist, social worker, case manager, chaplain, unit director, and MDS coordinator.Registered Dietician Jones: We have several disciplines represented as the interdisciplinary, there is myself the registered dietician, medical-surgical doctors, unit director / supervisor (a Registered Nurse), the units charge nurse, physical and occupational therapist, pharmacist, social work, case manager, clergy, unit director, and MDS coordinator

.Chaplain Williams: Well, the disciplines that are represented as part of the interdisciplinary team are the doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, my department pastoral care, the therapist (physical, occupational, speech), dietician, pharmacist, social worker, case manager, unit director, and MDS coordinator.Do you find that each member of the interdisciplinary team proves to be vital andeffective in reaching the goals of the team? If so, explain.LMSW Lageco: Yes, it takes a holistic approach when serving the patient and providing all of their medical needs and transitioning back to their prior level of care.

Registered Dietician Jones: Yes, because it takes different aspects of care to provide care for the patient. We rely on the different disciplines and their expertise or the most effective care.Chaplain Williams: Yes, it takes a team! Each discipline doing their part, a team effort.What methods of communication is/are utilized to communicate between each discipline?In your opinion are these methods effective? Why or Why not?LMSW Lageco: We mainly utilize verbal communication which is our best method to communicate between each discipline.

Sometimes we use the computerized charting/communication but it is not so effective because often times it is overlooked.Registered Dietician Jones: We communicate with verbal assessments and the use of written interdisciplinary staffing summaries. I feel that both methods are effective because it gives a weekly update and gives a documented overview of the patients past weeks progression or decline.Chaplain Williams: The most used communication method among the team is verbal communication. The method of communication of verbal communication has been very effective. I can go to the charge nurse and provide them with vital information that has been given to me first hand by the patient.

Has there ever been a situation(s) where the team had a conflict over reaching a goal andit resulted in extended stay or readmission of the client? If so please briefly explain.LMSW Lageco: Yes, There was a patient that lived alone and therapy recommended a 3 day trial. During the first 2 days the patient had a little to no participation. It was day 3 that the patient began to participate with therapy because there was a change in medication regimen. The therapy discipline was persistent on discharging the patient but other disciplines fought to keep the patient as they showed marked improvement in therapy. The patients stay was extended but, the extended stay prevented the patient from going home unsafe with decreased strength which could have resulted in a readmission.Registered Dietician Jones: No, I havent seen this as it relates to dietary but, I have heard of patients contacting their insurance companies and appealing their upcoming discharge from the facility.Chaplain Williams: Cant say that I have, but maybe once.

There was one misinterpretation by the paint and she verbalized that the team, Lied to her. The patients perception is reality to them. I gave the information to the charge nurse and she was already aware and working on the taking care of correcting the situation.Do you perceive that the interdisciplinary team is beneficial to helping reach the patientcentered goals in your facility / unit? Why or why not?LMSW Lageco: Yes, because it takes a holistic approach and there many different factors / disciplines to consider in order to care for the patient as a whole.

Registered Dietician Jones: Yes, because it ensures that the overall plan of care is divided and carried thru and limits that of readmissions.Chaplain Williams: Absolutely, I will have to piggyback on my previous answers for my explanation. Each discipline has a goal and in order to meet the whole goal each team member must come together and put their expertise in to meet the patient centered goal work, team work. Interdisciplinary Collaboration Interview Summaries Giselle Salvant William Carey University


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