Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies in the Social Science, online test (45 multiple choice questions) !!!don’t pick up this question if you don’t really know it!!!

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Test 2 covers only the following chapters in the book “About Canada: Women’s Rights” by Penni

Mitchell (2015).

• Chapter 1 From Bluestockings to Bra-burners

• Chapter 2 First Nations women

• Chapter 3 Colonial women

• Chapter 9 the end of the Twentieth century

Included topics:

Suffragists and the movement to change voting laws

Early forms of resistance among First Nations women, Metis women and Colonial women in Canada

Early forms of organizing and activism among Black women in Canada

Key events in Britain and France that influenced feminism in Canada’s early period of colonialism

The history of the word feminist

Changes and shifts during the end of the twentieth century in Canada

Influence of global trends on Canada’s political landscape

Cuts and limits faced by women’s groups throughout the 1990s in Canada

Statistics on key area related to women’s equality: childcare, paid work, domestic violence, corporate boards, education

Demographics from 1990’s Canada (women’s rates of participation in business, education), wage gaps by the year 2000.

Concluding remarks made at the end of the book regarding the role of feminism, and the status of Canada’s social safety net by the year 2000.

Canada’s Court Challenges Program during the end of the 20th century

How gender influences the way women and men voted during the 20th century in Canada

Experiences of colonial women in “New France”; les filles du roi, gender rules during this era

Rights held by Black women during the colonial period of the 1600’s to 1800’s

Facts about slavery in Canada

Accomplishments of Harriet Tubman, what she did, who she was…

Black women, European women and their literary societies during the colonial period of 1600’s to 1850’s.

Women’s rights and roles in pre-contact Aboriginal society

Effects of early colonialism on Aboriginal women in Canada

The British North America Act, the Indian Act and the approach taken to controlling Aboriginal people and land.


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