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is it good my assignement As we probably see from the latest news on TV, the economy of the stock market crashed and affects very hard China and New York. How did that happen? The media, the financial analyst and many other economic specialists are trying to explain it. As China plays a big role in the global economy when its stock crashed a lot of countries associated with China financially are affected including the companies and and investor. As for the Canadian market of Toronto stock exchange failed too, they lost on their money value even if they are not very associated with China as New York. We can see the consequences on different area in the text on CBCNews business: “TSX, Dow sink lower after China sparks huge stock selloff: Canadian dollar drops to 8-year low of 75 cents US. Dow Jones loses 1,000 points at open before recovering. Oil loses another $2 to trade below $38 a barrel. ´´But for today, things are moving slowly and China has to get up

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