It is a discussion question. Please based on the case in the

It is a discussion question. Please based on the case in the attachment,  review other students’ posts and make your own reflection. Student A: In the Kleenex Case, the marketing department claims that the average number of tissues used by people with colds is 60. This was in regards to the 80’s data that researchers determined that 60 tissues is the average number of tissues used during a cold. Later, in 2000 the number was jumped to 70. I believe this is simply an average of the data which comes out to70, however it can be for another reason(s). Student B: Correct. We do not know exactly why it got changed to 70. Back in the 80s, they probably knew that it will take more than 60 but to make people buy more, they used 60. It is all about marketing. At the end of the day, a company’s agenda is to make profits. Student C: I agree Tong, it was probably just a way to maximize profits. Their are a lot of different marketing ploys that companies use to make us think that we are getting more bang for our buck. In reality every move they make is just another attempt to profit from us.  2.png3.png

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