its a group assignment and i need only some part to do it.yo

its a group assignment and i need only some part to do it.your group works for a leading international bank J.P.Morgan which is considering establishing a subsidiary bank in Myanmar. report must be begain with EXecutive summary that recommends either entry or non entry to the choosen country.  the report must contain section1 an Executive summary explaing your recommendation. either entry or non entry to the choosen country.  (words 1100)2 a profil of myanmar political and economic situation3  Banking structure, regulatory and supervisory practices in Myanmar.(words 1400 to 1500)4 country risk5  trends in international flow to Myanmar6 cloculision ( words 400)my part is bold and underlineplagrism free workmin 17 references in harvard style with intext referencesgraph,  chart, tables or figures, are necessary to be included. have to use some locational banking statistics of the bank for international settlements(BIS) to calculate the ratios of local currency claims in local currency-to-total international claims for a) your choosen countryb) for selected other countries in the same region as your country,c) for other region to facilities comparison

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