Just need An idea for a good topicOverviewThe Patient Protec

Just need An idea for a good topicOverviewThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010) is changing the way health care is delivered, and there are still issues which remain to be fully addressed with respect to health policy. In this assignment, you will select an aspect of health care reform which warrants continued and additional policy consideration. Examples might include: improving access to care, minimizing disparities in care, enhancing privacy protection of personal health records, et cetera.As you conduct research to investigate facts related to your selected policy dilemma, you will create proposed solutions to minimize gaps. Finally, you will construct a health care policy statement which is supported with evidence (from authoritative government sources, peer-reviewed research, et cetera). The final product for this assignment is a substantive, yet succinct, policy position statement which is based upon comprehensive research of credible, authoritative sources. Your position statement should address an existing gap in some aspect of health care reform.StepsIdentify a framework, example, or structure for construction of a health policy position statement. Hint: Research government Web sites, the American College of Healthcare Executives Web site, and databases in the Capella library.Select an aspect of health care reform, and create a rationale statement for why the topic warrants further discussion and policy consideration. Examples include: improved access to care for rural or physically challenged people, minimizing health care disparities among subpopulations, improving protection of personal health record privacy, et cetera.Using your research findings, create a summary of relevant legal, ethical, and related information (for example, pro and con positions) which describes the nature, extent, and intensity of the problem.Propose solutions to minimize gaps or inequalities for your selected topic.

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