Lab 5.04&nbsp Barometric Pressure Lab Report – (alternative/r

Lab 5.04  Barometric Pressure Lab Report – (alternative/replacement lab report)  [img width=’55’ height=’106′ src=’’> [img border=’0′ width=’624′ height=’226′ id=’Picture 1′ src=’’>west east [img border=’0′ width=’560′ height=’393′ id=’Picture 2′ src=’’ alt=’’>[img border=’0′ width=’80’ height=’84’ id=’Picture 6′ src=’’>·Failing barometer ( air pressure)·Increased cloudiness·Rising temperature2 pts1. Chicago, IL  –  temperature  73 –  air pressure rising( barometer)  which means___________________________2 pts2. Indianapolis, IN  temperature 75  air pressure (barometer) is failing  which means____________________________2 pts3  Columbus, OH  temperature 78  air pressure (barometer) failing which means_______________3pts 4.  a. Looking at the first three cities, do you observe an increase in temperature? ___[img border=’0′ width=’180′ height=’112′ id=’Picture 3′ src=’’>b. Do you observe an increase or decrease pattern in the weather cloudy conditions for the first three cities? ________________________________[img border=’0′ width=’86’ height=’105′ id=’Picture 12′ src=’’>[img border=’0′ width=’75’ height=’97’ id=’Picture 11′ src=’’>e the condition for rain.[img border=’0′ width=’80’ height=’84’ id=’Picture 9′ src=’’>nditions for rain:·Falling barometer ( air pressure)·Increased cloudiness·Rising temperature6ptsNow, be a meterologist ( a person who predicts the weather aka  news  weatherperson)predict the weather in the next 24 – 48 hours for Pittsburgh.What is the weather going to be in Pittsburgy, PA in the next 24 -48 hours. [img width=’106′ height=’54’ src=’’> _______________________________________________answer here

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