Last minute assignment post.&nbsp2 page APA format paper.Must i

Last minute assignment post. 2 page APA format paper.Must include a title page, 2 body pages, and a reference page.  Running head and allMust be completed with 2hrs!!! No exception, I will take what you have at 2 hrs!Attached is the format the paper must follow (Final_Project_Model)Attached is also all the work done up to now for this project on Bias in the Workplace. Reuse sources and try to use as much out of the other works as you can.  Attachments: psychological_theories_addressing_bias_in_the_workplace.edited.docx final_project_model-snhu.pdf elimination_of_bias_in_the_work_place_1.docx credible_evidence_1.docx psychology_bias_in_the_work_place_1.docx

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