Leadership in Quality and Risk Management Nursing Paper

1. Defining Culturalism: Nurse leaders must work with staff to foster respect for varied lifestyles. Showing respect to all patients and colleagues, irrespective of their cultural differences, tells staff that differences are valuable. This exercise is designed to introduce key principles nurse leaders must address in leading and managing diverse groups.

Use Google Scholar™, Leading and Managing in Nursing, or the University Library to define multiculturalism, cross-culturalism, and transculturalism.

Write a 175-word summary explaining the definitions in your own words and give an example of applying each term to a leadership situation. For example, think of a time in your practice when you, as a leader, or your leader used multiculturalism to promote inclusion among colleagues or patients

Care of Diverse Populations: One way of ensuring respect for all patients and staff is to consider how an individual’s point of view, past experiences, and background affect their decisions or how they approach situations. This activity is designed to demonstrate how different organizations operationalize culturally competent care.



Think about the organization where you currently practice or one where you practiced in the past.

2.Does the organization have programs related to cultural/social diversity, either with relation to patient care or in understanding team dynamics?

3.What do the programs entail? When were you exposed to them?

4..If programs do not currently exist, explain why you think that is and suggest ways for your organization to integrate awareness of social and cultural diversity into the culture.


Write a 175-word summary.

5. Evaluate individual and societal factors involved with cultural diversity.

6. Value the contributions a diverse workforce can make to the care of people.

7. Assess preferred approaches to conflict, and commit to be more effective in resolving future conflict.

8. Determine which of the five approaches to conflict is the most appropriate in potential and actual situations.

I have total of 8 questions, each requires worth of 175 words. APA style with its references underneath please.

These questions are due on 4/10/19 .


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