Library Science Work Cited Page

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Create a MLA Documentation Works Cited page* — Using the subject you selected for your Class Project to search and find:

My Subject is about the coronavirus how and were it was developed and anything related to it as well.

5 different electronic sources: 1 eBook, 1 from ProQuest, 1 from other WLAC databases, 1 from LAPL (or another public library) database, and finally 1 from the INTERNET (using Academic Search Engine: Links to an external site.)

Please submit as a WORD attachment (do NOT use WORD PERFECT, do not sent as RTF ).

See attached SAMPLE attached:

(1) Purdue OWL booklet — Pages 44-45 Works Cited page Purdue OWL-1.pdf


(2) MLA 8th – Pages 10 and 11 MLA 8th-1.pdf


See rubric below on how this assignment is graded.

*A Works Cited is a list of all the sources you used when writing an essay or report. The purpose of a Works Cited page is to enable the people who are reading your report to check the facts to see if you used them correctly, and to see if your conclusions were really warranted.


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