Life Of A Composer in the romantic period

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Choose a composer from the list below who’s music you like.

  1. Write about your favorite composer’s life. This section should include at least 3 things that they were known for
  2. List at least 2 things that you liked about their music, using musical terms that you have learned from this class.
  3. Go to YouTube and find a link to a different piece of music that your favorite composer created and paste the link into your discussion response. Tell me when the piece was written, and what ensemble is performing on the video.
  4. Choose a composer from the list below whose music you may not have enjoyed. Discuss why their music did not appeal to you using musical terms.
  • The Romantic Period – Background History.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – The Composer As A Star.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Nicolo Paganini.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Gioachino Rossini.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Carl Maria Von Weber.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Franz Schubert.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Hector Berlioz.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Fryderyk Chopin.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Felix Mendelssohn.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Franz Liszt.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Robert Schumann.mp3
  • The Romantic Period – Clara Schumann.mp3

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