Lifeskill Activities for Special Children -projectREQUIRED&nbsp

Lifeskill Activities for Special Children -projectREQUIRED TEXT Lifeskill Activities for Special Children 2ndEditionAuthor: MannixISBN13: 9780470259375ISBN10:047025937X Format: Paperback Pub. Date: 9/15/2009Publisher(s): Jossey-BassPlease carefully follow the instructionsBe sure to cover all the basics required in the explanation found in the syllabus.  write a 7 page single space or 10 page paper (full page written)include all references posted in the research discussion boarduse APA format for citing referencesinclude a title page and a reference page (word processors do it automatically via their template and create the reference page)use an introduction and conclusion and paragraphs as per standard writing (use the writing lab and/or Smarthinking to help as needed).SEMESTER PROJECT Some examples would be: These are only suggestions.oHow infancy affects life long experiencesoHow family styles affect our developmentoThe way drugs and alcohol affect developmentoDo our friends and spouses reflect our family and experiences growingup?

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