Literature Review 14 pages

Help me study for my Social Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

I have a Chapter 2 here for you. The topic is built around investigating how and where private school students realize greater benefits than public school students. You’ll be developing this study for us to comprehensively investigate in a qualitative manner, and the you will be using participants of school leadership and administrators I believe. We have full range to develop this study–the only thing we don’t have yet is the conceptual framework. If you want, we can include this when we know what it will be, so please write 14 pages as I write the other 15 pages (excluding references) in double-space 12 pt font on the themes and research related to public versus private school experiences and opportunities!

Since we are writing a concurrently, specify the topics that you are doing and send them to me. so that we do not write the same thing


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