Lord of the Flies: Character Journal Assignment

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Select one of the following characters from the book to follow and to closely examine the thoughts and struggles felt by that character. You will keep a journal, writing from the perspective of this character. Please keep this journal as a series of dated entries on a Google Doc.

Character Journals:

In two or three paragraphs per entry discuss the events of each of the two chapters from the point of view of your character. It should be written in his voice. You must discuss the major plot elements, the other characters, the effect of setting on your character, and any life-lessons (themes) your character may be learning. (20 points each, 120 points total)

Try to answer these questions as you imagine being your character:

  • What has happened to me?
  • How am I getting along with the others?
  • How do I like the island?
  • What am I learning about life? What have I learned about life since getting on the island?

Remember: You will write journals for chapters 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12, for a total of six.

List of Characters to choose from: Piggy, Jack, Ralph, Simon, Samaneric, Roger, The Littluns

Character: Jack Merridew


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