management and financial strategy and practice

For this third assignment of Business Profile final project, you need to develop a 4-6 page document (12 font, double-space) on the Management and Financial Strategies and Practices of the firm/company you chose for your final project. You can again use Yahoo! Finance or to conduct research. For a sample assignment, click on the “Assessments” drop down menu and click on “Dropbox” from the course menu and you should see the sample Assignment #3 attached.
This assignment has essentially two components: Management Strategy and Practice as well as Financial Strategy and Practice.
For Management Strategy and Practice, you need to address the following 3 areas:

Key Executives (10 pts): Who are the key leaders and managers? Please list names for the following titles when appropriate: CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing, VP of Human Resources, etc.
Organizational Structure (10 pts): How is the company organized? By departments, divisions, customers or geography, etc.?
Tall vs. Flat (10 pts): Is this a tall organization or flat organization? How many typical levels of management are there, if available?For Financial Strategy and Practice, you need to address the following:
Income Statement (15 pts): Please list the company’s most recent quarterly Income Statement (Copy and paste from Financial statements on Yahoo! Finance)
Figures (15 pts): From the Income Statement, please identify and list the most recent quarter’s Revenue and Net Income figures
Stock Price (15 pts): What’s the company’s current stock price? (Please indicate the date and corresponding price—pick the day on which you did company research) Do you expect it to go up or down next quarter? Why?

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