Management Myth (Stewart) reading question1.&nbsp On Pages 54-

Management Myth (Stewart) reading question:1.  On Pages 54-55, Stewart uses Kant’s Critique of PureReason to identify 4 “dogmas” that cripple scientific approaches tomanagement.  Which of these 4 do youbelieve is most significant in organizations today and why?  (Limit your answer to 400 words or less.)Video Question:2.  In the video, “Scientific Management Uncovered,”(deconstructing scientific management), the lecturer notes that Taylorism wasintroduced during the Progressive era, when science was viewed as the salvationof society.  Many today suggest that theU.S. is returning to a progressive era, when science (gathering data andapplying rigorous methods and processes) will lead to societal benefits.  Yet the video on Henry Ford and Taylorismpicks up on the theme that progressive scientific methods can have the negativeeffects on people and organizations. Which viewpoint  (A.  Scientific methods will result in generalpositive gains for society; or B. Scientific methods will lead to negative outcomes for society) do youfind most compelling and why?  (Limit youranswer to 400 words or less.)Case Question:  Cisco3.  What, in your opinion, were the tradeoffs and biggestdownsides of the reorganization at Cisco? Why did Chambers create business councils?  (Limit your answer to 500 words or less.)

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