Martha regularly showed affection to her infant, Lyla.&nbsp Mar

Martha regularly showed affection to her infant, Lyla.  Martha alsoconsistently responded to Lyla’s distress and didn’t let her own mood dictatethe interactions between them.  All these behaviors would increase Martha’schances of having this with her infant.  The number represents this scenario. Passive genotype-environment correlationAssimilationObject permanenceAccommodationDeferred imitationNature vs. nurtureSocial Cognitive theoryNaturalistic observationLaboratory observationAdaptation in developmentCritical or sensitive periodCross-sectional researchNon-normative life eventSocial ageEvolutionary psychologyEpigenetic viewLanguage Acquisition DeviceSocial referencingNormative history-graded influenceMultidimensional developmentSlow-to-warm up childDifficult childSecure attachmentInsecure attachmentIndustry vs. InferiorityLanguage developmentBayley Scales of infant developmentThis may be the reason children pick up on speech so quickly.  This theory is inplace because many experts believe it is impossible for children to be able tolearn syntax simply by imitation or memorization.  The number represents this.A clown approached the child, honking a horn and squeezing his big red nose. The child had never seen anything like this before and didn’t know what tothink, so he gazed up at his father to view his reaction.  The number represents this scenario.A stuffed animal is placed in front of the infant. Then, a piece of cardboard isplaced in front of the infant, blocking the view of the animal. The infant thenlooks around the cardboard to see if the animal is still there. This scenario represents number The numberInfant (Daniel) hugs the pillows just like he does his stuffed animals becausethey are also soft and fluffy.  This scenario represents number represents this scenario.This is used to identify delays, chart a child’s progress, teachparents about their child, and to further research in developmental psychology. This is represented by the number .The researcher wanted to view how men approached women in a bar.  He originallywanted to use a survey that asked the men and women questions.  However, heultimately decided to dress like everyone else, enter the bar, casuallyeavesdrop, and record his data.  The number represents this scenario.The biological and environmental variables encompassing development on thewhole.  The number represents this.Peyton Manning’s father, brother, and himself were all quarterbacks in the NFL.As younger children, Peyton and his brothers were immersed in everythingfootball. This type of home life aligns with number A researcher wanted to study a baby from birth to 18 years old, following upwith them at least once per year.  Although this would be considered very goodresearch by a developmental researcher, it is not always fathomable.  There is amore common and less daunting approach he may want to consider.  The number represents this approach.If a person is born to parents which both have high IQ’s, this doesn’t guaranteethey will be successful, socially intelligent, attractive, or many othersignificant aspects of an individual’s lifetime.  The number represents this scenario. The obesity epidemic may be due to the plentiful amounts of food we now enjoy(or overly enjoy).  This was not always so, and this area of study may explainwhy the obesity epidemic we are experiencing now is so prevalent.  The number represents this area.Caroline is a toddler. She has a pet dog and her neighbor has a pet cat. Sheoften pets these animals. Caroline has a scheme for four-legged furry animals.One day, Caroline visits a farm with her family and sees a horse. The horse hasfour legs, but is much bigger and not easy to pet. Caroline is now able toorganize information about the differences between big and small four-leggedanimals.  The number represents this scenario.The influx of Irish immigrants to New York City many years ago caused a shift inthe population.  It would’ve had quite an impact on those residents at thetime.  This documented event represents the number in development. Baby Michael watched his brother push the button on the toy which made a lightgo off and a song start to play.  The next day, Michael pushed the button justlike he observed his brother do.  The number represents this scenario. James had trouble as a teenager because he wanted to continue to do thingsassociated with younger children, like ride bikes, pick on girls, and just playvideo games.  He would be considered lower than his peers in this certain area. The number represents this area.Winning ten million dollars in the lottery at an early age may change the entiretrajectory of an individual’s development.  Obviously, this wouldn’t be a commondevelopmental variable everyone encounters, such as puberty.  The number represents this scenario.Drew is now in elementary school and his accomplishments are regularly praisedby his instructors and other peers. His abilities only used to be acknowledgedby his parents, but now it seems receiving outside recognition is important forhim and his development. The number represents this period ofdevelopment.Some experts believe touch and skin-to-skin contact is critical for a newbornbaby and affects the bonding process for life. Other experts believe that normaldevelopment can be the result, regardless of whether the baby is held or touchedby the mother immediately after birth. The experts who believe touch isn’t vitalduring this time put less emphasis on this during development.  Thenumber represents this.Lily was predisposed with a lower than average intelligence.  However, she wasadopted into a family that stressed academic concerns like language, reading,and critical thinking.  Her intelligence will probably rise as a result,thereby, passing this intelligence on to her children when she gets older.  Thenumber represents this scenario.

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