Media examples of social psychology.

Media examples of social psychology.


Topic: 3 media examples of social psychology


The completed assignment will be in essay format with clear introductory and concluding paragraphs but no subheadings. It will be 1200-1500 words, double-spaced, and typed. Include a title page with the title of the essay, your name, course name, my name (Alison Luby), and due date), and a reference page with at least one social psychology textbook listing; title and reference pages are not included in the word count. Instructions: For this paper assignment, please collect 3 pieces of popular media information that have a bearing on topics from the course. Materials you decide to include with your paper must be directly relevant to social psychology.The media examples you choose may include blog posts, newspaper/ magazine articles, advertisements, webpages, comic strips, photographs, advice columns, songs, TV shows, movies, or anything else that strikes you as relevant. Be sure to submit copies of or links to the material so I can see the item you are discussing – do not use media that you cannot submit or easily describe in one or two sentences. Using course material, carefully explain how the item relates to one or more specific concepts from the course (depth is typically better than breadth). For each item that you have collected, describe and define the concept represented by the itemin your own words; do not use any direct quotes. After you paraphrase each new idea that you read in a textbook, you will reference/cite the textbook in APA format – using material without proper citation is plagiarism. For example, you would cite the following after every separate idea that you read in our textbook: (Aronson, Wilson, Fehr, &Akert, 2013) the first time; (Aronson et al., 2013) subsequent times Your collection should include a variety of topics from the course. Your grade will be based on coherence, accuracy, completeness, and conciseness of your description of how each item is related to social psychological concepts. Quality of the submitted materials will also be considered. Drawing on lectures and readings. One purpose of the paper assignment is to see how well you understand the material from lectures and readings and whether you can apply that material in thinking about a new problem. The information discussed in class represents the building blocks you should use to write your paper, but you should read more deeply about each topic in a textbook. It is crucial that you cite as much information as possible from your research to support your arguments in the paper. Use the paper to demonstrate that you have understood the lectures, read about the concepts on your own, and gained skills in applying the material. Please note: Your writing does not have to be polished, but it does have to be clear. Grammar and spelling are important simply because they are standard ways of communicating. When writers follow the conventions of grammar and spelling, it makes the job of the reader, which is to understand the writer’s intentions, much easier. And when writing, that is your goal: to communicate. Having another person who is not familiar with the material read your paper before handing it in is a valuable way of determining whether you have been clear. Grade Breakdown of paper outline: 1 point each for quality of the three media examples = 3 points 2 points each for appropriateness of the social psychology topic you propose for each = 6 points 1 point for following the instructions = 1 point TOTAL = 10 points Grade Breakdown of final paper: 2 points each for quality of the three media examples = 6 points 5 points each for quality of the social psychology discussion = 15 points 4 points for organization (essay format)/following instructions/APA form = 4 points TOTAL = 25 points


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