MGMT5800: Effective Leadership

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Case study: The high Cost of Doing Nothing

1. Explain Fiedler’s assumptions regarding leadership style (first major factor of the model). Do you agree or not agree? Why?

2. Identify and briefly explain each of the three situational factors (second major factor of the model) that lead to “favorable” or “unfavorable” situations.

3. Provide one example, from your team’s work experiences, of a situation that calls for a “task-oriented” leader and one example that calls for a “considerate style” of leadership. Explain.

Read the attached summary and then please address the questions related to the summary (see bottom of Word doc.). Your answers should provide a cohesive narrative fully addressing the questions and recapping the relevant findings from the summary. Please include the questions in your narrative (you can cut and paste them from below). Please avoid vague and general answers. All MBA papers should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of theories and concepts. The ability to apply such theories and concepts demonstrates understanding – using past examples and/or applying concepts to current work-related situations is very helpful to learners.

Please use the APA style and include at least 2 articles to support your answers.


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