MGT 421 – Homework Assignment #2BOOK Negotiation, 2015, 7th

MGT 421 – Homework Assignment #2BOOK: Negotiation, 2015, 7th edition, ISBN #9780078029448 by Lewicki, Saunders and BarryThis assignment will serve as a practical exercise to help you better understand the many different sources of conflict and, more important, the process of repairing relationships.Family Meetings: Another Way to Manage ConflictOverview Often, you can find useful tips for managing conflicts in the workplace.  However, when significant issues arise in your families, you often have difficulty applying conflict principles.  One way to manage family conflict is to address it with an approach used in the workplace.  More specifically, employees often call meetings to discuss important policies, procedures or productivity.  This activity allows you the opportunity to use a similar process with your families, and vice versa. Process1.  First, describe what a typical meeting in your workplace looks like using the criteria below: i.Settingii.Reasons/issuesiii.Attendeesiv.Timingv.Agendavi.Rules/normsvii.Action steps2.  Next, construct a process for a family meeting using the following criteria:i.Settingii.Reasons/issuesiii.Attendeesiv.Timingv.Agendavi.Rules/norms3.  (a)  Compare and contrast a workplace meeting to a family meeting.   (b)  What issues might be similar?   (c)  What issues might be different?   (d)  What role will your emotions play in a family meeting?   (e)  How are your conflict styles similar or different than in the workplace?4.  Spend some time reflecting on this assignment and write a paragraph or two about the most important or worthwhile lesson you are taking away from this exercise?  Extra points will be given for tying your comments to information from our textbook or that you have learned thus far regarding the negotiation process.Note:  Don’t be concerned too much about the format of your paper; just be sure to address each question by numbering your responses in the same exact format as the questions.  Also, please be aware that grammar (spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.) is worth 15% of your grade.

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