Microeconomics Edmonds Community College Global coffee and Competition

Make sure to respond to the questions based on the articles. Try to include any relevant microeconomic concepts or thinking as derived from your readings. Thank you!!

#1: Global coffee and competition.
What if any comparative advantage do you think that Starbucks still has in the Chinese market? (Read the “Starbucks Fights Hot Startup in China;…” file to answer this!)

#2: How high can Tariffs rise?
The tariff impact on business in terms of resource allocation and distribution of incomes falls into micro economics. Do you believe this kind of economic initiative is being successful? (Read the “10% Tariffs Were Manageable…” for this)

#3: France and Free Markets!
How do you think the U.S. began to trail the more socialist French economy in re-making their markets to be more competitive? (Read the “What France—Yes, France—Can Teach the U.S….”)


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