Minimum of 60 words&nbsp1. Read week 4 transcript. What was int

Minimum of 60 words 1. Read week 4 transcript. What was interesting to you? 2.  Why do you think it is important to understand correlation, especially within the criminal justice field?  Do you think correlation is something that criminal justice professionals often rely upon in making decisions within their job responsibilities?3. Can you think of examples of correlation that you might have used in your own life to help make an informed decision?4.What is the importance of comparing mean differences? What statistical tests are available to compare differences between means?5. Why is it important to compare means?  How can information gathered by comparing means be used?6. When would you use chi-square and why? 7. How are descriptive and inferential statistics used in the criminal justice research process? 8. What are some potential disadvantages or issues when researchers rely upon inferential statistics?  Do you think that inferential statistics could lead to a wrong conclusion?Attachments: week4.doc

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