model testing

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Extract natural frequencies and damping ratios from the frequency response magnitude plots from measurements of 2 components from modal tests performed by the instructor. Use the two .vna data files and dataplots.m Matlab file provided in Canvas Files to generate the frequency response magnitude plots. Summarize your results in a table for each component.

For each component include 1) frequency response magnitude plot, 2) frequency response magnitude plots zoomed-in around the natural frequencies, and 3) table summarizing natural frequencies and damping ratios. Mark up zoomed-in plots with appropriate lines and numbers used. Show all calculations.

See modal testing lecture video for detailed description and instruction

Submission Requirements

Submit by uploading a 2-3 page pdf file of your work with filename lastname_firstname_project1 by 11:45am

Your submitted pdf file must have a header with your name, homework set number and date

Grading Rubric

Grading of your submitted project:

  • Overall frequency response magnitude plot for each test structure, 20%
  • Frequency response magnitude plots zoomed-in around the natural frequencies marked with lines and numbers used to determine natural frequencies and compute damping ratios, 40%
  • Show all calculations, 30%
  • Table summarizing natural frequencies and damping ratios for each structure, 10%


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