Module 02 Discussion – Develop a Thesis

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Coming up in the next module, you will submit the thesis and outline for your course project. In preparation, you will use this discussion form to work on developing your statement. Here are some examples of thesis statements that would work for your formal analysis:

Guernica, Pablo Picasso uses value, shape, and line to capture the sorrow of loss and provide viewers with a sense of the terrors of war.

The Open Window, Henri Matisse uses texture, color, and linear perspective to create deep space and share with viewers the sensations of a warm day by the seaside.

My choices will be starry sky and mona lisa. Work a thesis for that and there will be two replies you have to answer as well.

For this discussion post, compose two different thesis statements that could be used in your Course Project and post them to the discussion board. Note: You have your choice here; you can create two thesis statements about the same work of art, or you can share two thesis statements about two entirely different works of art.

First reply:

Ladeidra Judge

module 2


In Evening Tide, California, the artist uses realistic art to show a flow of movement through nature, while adding a sense of harmony and composition that shows natures beauty, calmness and pleasure.

In Moon Masque, the artist shows balance, rhythm, and form through the element of unity, while using various colors to add feelings of emotions within this painting.

Second reply:

LaWanda Outlaw Walker

Module 2 Discussion


Thesis 1:

In the portrait titled Arnolfini, Jan Van Eyck’s artwork gives the illusion of first person point of view, using the elements of art, including space, texture, and, form.

Thesis 2:

Through the uses of space, form, and texture, Jan Van Eyck brings forth a profound peace of art, titled Arnolfini,that shows a perspective, that of someone within the picture.


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